A platform which allows users to view their friends and families' wish lists.

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Meet our team!

Prez was founded by four high school students attending the MIT Launch summer program to empower young entrepreneurs. The team stumbled upon this idea after realizing that themselves and their friends often find the process of gift giving stressful, awkward, and time-consuming.

Spencer Atkin

Brandon Fu

Aadit Joshi

Paras Nahar

Features of Prez


Unlike competitor services including Pinterest or Amazon, Prez ensures your comfort by allowing you to make your wish list private or public.

Saving Money

Not only does Prez notify you when your friend's wish list items are on sale, but it also allows you to "chip in" with others to buy more expensive items on their list.

Frequent Updates

We update our app frequently to adhere, satisfy, and cater our user's needs. Customer satisfaction is our priority because if you are happy, we are happy too.

Follow Wish Lists

Follow your friends and family's wish lists to know what they want for their birthday and be able to let others know that you've already bought a certain gift.

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